Welcome Christophe !

Our EMAG Team is growing...
26 January 2024 by
Welcome Christophe !
Pierre Bellery
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🤝Christophe freshly joined the Mirmex Team
Christophe is an accomplished electromechanical engineer 🔧 with a passion for innovation. 

While pursuing his master's degree, he gained familiarity with Mirmex as he actively collaborated on numerical models for Mirmex motors, playing a crucial role in shaping the initial version of Optiflex.

His academic journey continued by designing larger motors for train applications, and he is poised to complete his Ph.D. ‍👨‍🎓 by May of this year. 

Driven by curiosity, Christophe's adventurous spirit led him to cross the Atlantic Ocean by sailing ⛵ at the age of 16, tracing the footsteps of another well-known Christophe 🗽. 
Since then, he has cultivated a profound affinity for nautical sports 🏄‍♂️, embodying the spirit of exploration both in his professional and personal pursuits.

His passion for innovation aligns perfectly with our company values, and we're excited about the positive impact he'll bring to our EMAG Team.

🎉Welcome Christophe ! 

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