Micromotors for Optics applications

Step into the world of the optics industry, a realm where innovation converges with precision to shape the way we perceive and interact with the world. From cutting-edge lenses and imaging systems to advanced optical technologies, this dynamic sector not only refines our vision but also fuels advancements across diverse fields, defining the forefront of technological progress. Join us as we explore and delve into the fascinating landscape of the optics industry, where clarity meets innovation, and the future of vision unfolds.

Microscopes and Telescopes

A microscope is an optical instrument designed for magnifying and observing small objects or details, often used in scientific research, medicine, and education. In contrast, a telescope is an optical device designed to gather and magnify distant light, allowing for the observation of celestial objects such as stars, planets, and galaxies. 

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Precision Control: With a higher degree of repeatability during their manufacturing process compared to obsolete wire-based motors, Mirmex Motors provide precise control for image focusing mechanisms, enabling sharp and clear image capture. In applications with zoom lenses, our motors offer accurate control for smooth and gradual zoom adjustments.
  • Low Vibration: To prevent  shaky images and ensure clear observations, Mirmex motors operate with minimal vibration, especially during tracking or adjustments.


Mirmex Motor | Microscopes and Telescopes

Camera Optics

Motors in camera optic devices are essential for optimal functionality. These devices, capturing visual information through light manipulation, rely on motors to precisely control lenses and other components. This precision ensures accurate focusing and light projection onto a photosensitive surface, facilitating the conversion of optical images into electronic signals for storage or display. Motors play a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance and efficiency of camera optic devices

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Durability and Longevity: Mirmex Motors are durable and capable of withstanding the continuous use and frequent adjustments that camera optics often require, ensuring a long operational lifespan.
  • Battery Efficiency: In battery-operated cameras, a perfect balance of the losses is achieved in our motors (thermal vs. Eddy losses for example) in order to make them super energy-efficient to maximize observation time before recharging is necessary.
  • Precision Control: Mirmex Motors provide precise control for focusing mechanisms, enabling sharp and clear image capture. In applications with zoom lenses, motors must offer accurate control for smooth and gradual zoom adjustments.
  • Compact Design: due to their high performance-density, Mirmex Motors have a compact form factor to allow for easy integration into the confined space of camera bodies without hindering overall design and functionality.


Mirmex Motor | Camera Optics

Other INDUSTRY applications

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