Micromotors for Power Tool applications

Electrical power tools are handheld or stationary devices powered by electricity to perform various tasks, such as cutting, drilling, or sanding, with increased efficiency and precision compared to manual tools. These tools often use electric motors to convert electrical energy into mechanical work, making them widely utilized in industry, construction, woodworking, and other sectors.

Some of them are also used in medical power tools.

Drilling Power Tool

Drilling power tools, equipped with motors for rotary motion, are indispensable in industry, construction, woodworking, and metalworking. These mechanical devices play a vital role in tasks such as creating holes for fasteners or achieving precise openings. The importance of motors in these tools lies in their contribution to efficiency and effectiveness across diverse applications.

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • High Torque: Mirmex motors provide higher torque to drive the drill bit through different materials, including through hard surfaces like metal or masonry, without compromising speed and avoiding excessive temperature increase.
  • Efficiency: Efficient motors help conserve energy, extend battery life (for cordless tools), and reduce heat generation. Mirmex High efficiency motors maximize the overall performance of the power tool.
  • Size and Weight: Mirmex Motors are compact and lightweight to ensure the tool remains portable and easy to handle for users. We will adapt the actuator to your space constraints and not the other way around.


Mirmex Motor | Drilling Power Tool

Other INDUSTRY applications

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