Micromotors for Space applications

​​The space field encompasses the exploration and utilization of outer space, including celestial bodies, satellites, and space technology. Professionals in this field engage in activities such as space exploration, satellite deployment, and the development of spacecraft and technologies to advance our understanding of the cosmos and facilitate space-based missions.

Instrument actuators

Space instrument actuators are integral devices in spacecraft instruments, designed to control and manipulate components like mirrors, sensors, or antennas. Micromotors are pivotal for precise adjustments and positioning of such instrument elements, ensuring optimal performance and positioning or efficient data acquisition when deployed in outer space.  

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • High Reliability: Space missions involve extended periods with no maintenance and challenging conditions in terms of vibrations and temperature. With zero cogging and a high temperature (>180°C) manufacturing process, Mirmex motors are highly reliable and contribute to continuous and accurate operation over the mission's duration.
  • Precision Control: Mirmex Motors have precise control capabilities to accurately position instrument components, such as mirrors or sensors, ensuring the collection of accurate data.
  • Low Weight and Compact Size: Spacecraft have strict weight and size constraints. Mirmex motors minimize the impact on overall payload capacity because they are lightweight and compact.
  • Low Power Consumption: Energy efficiency is critical in space missions, and Mirmex motors use minimal power to conserve energy resources for other spacecraft functions.


Mirmex Motor | Instrument Actuators

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