Custom Made Micromotor Windings

Revolutionize your motor projects with our cutting-edge custom made BLDC micromotor coils featuring proprietary winding technology, offering unparalleled flexibility and performance for your specific needs.

 Mirmex high-performance customized windings suit any SBLDC application.

Mirmex brings an unprecedented degree of design freedom to DC motor engineers.  

Motors are no longer limited by the shape or constant diameter of winding wires. Instead of building windings, wire by wire, we print patterns using a flexible material.  

Experience the freedom to customize your design in an affordable way, by purchasing only the winding, not the entire motor, putting control in your hands like never before. Elevate your creations with precision and efficiency – it's not just a motor, it's your motor, perfected to match the level that used to be reserved for elite Swiss applications.

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Mirmex Motor | Motor Winding

We can customize motor coil geometries to your precise requirements

  • Customizable length, diameter, thickness...
  • Fit-form-function compatible with your current mini motor.   
  • Patented topology for reducing the number of connectors or simplifying gearboxes.
  • Eddy current reduction, multi-point profile mission optimization, or extremely high precision.
  • Available in different classes for robust corrosion protection and/or autoclavable applications.
  • High production capacity, in mass-production since 2019.
Mirmex Motor | Motor Windings

3 - 80

Diameter [mm]

2 - 120

Length [mm]

1 000

Power (up to) [W]


Torque (up to) [mNm]

120 000

Speed (up to) [rpm]


Mirmex Motor | Light & compact

More Compact

Compared to the competition and at equal performance, the Mirmex micromotors are up to 50% smaller.

Mirmex Motor | Higher Performance Density

Best Performance Density

Whatever the application, the Mirmex windings provide a superior copper fill-factor, enhancing motor performance within a specified volume unit.

Mirmex Motor | Custom Made

Custom Made

Diameter, length, speed, voltage… 
You have total design freedom.
No more compromise ​​because of limitations dictated by Swiss catalogues, no matter how thick.


Mirmex Motor | Production Ease

Easy Prototyping

Getting custom-made Mirmex micromotors is painless, quick and much more affordable.

10x faster prototype manufacturing.

Mirmex Motor | Consistent Performances

Consistent Performances

Our manufacturing provides a higher degree of repeatability, up to each copper fiber.

This leads to higher robustness and more homogeneous product performances.

Mirmex Motor | Better Thermal Control

Better Thermal Behavior

A higher fill-factor and the ability to balance all possible sources of losses (thermal, Eddy…) enable to divide thermal losses by a significant factor.

Mirmex Motor | Sustainable Concept

More Sustainable

The Mirmex technology optimizes micro-motors and make them use less energy.

Up to less than 45% raw materials are also required.

Mirmex Motor | Unique Topology Patterns

Unique Coil Topologies

Mirmex winding topologies are unachievable with conventional wire-winding methods.

They provide unmatched levels of performance and efficiency.

Mirmex Motor | Robust

Ambient Resistant

Mirmex axial-flux motors are designed to endure tough conditions like high temperature variations, medical detergents, corrosive atmosphere, dusty environment, ...

Our Project Management Flow...

Mirmex Motor | Scope & Modelling

Scope & Modeling

Mirmex Motor | Prototyping


Mirmex Motor | Testing & Fine Tuning

Testing & Fine Tuning

Mirmex Motor | Mass Production

Mass Production

 Customize your own affordable motor in a few weeks

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