Micromotors for Safety System applications

Safety systems typically refer to safety devices or mechanisms that incorporate motors for automated or controlled responses to enhance workplace safety. These systems often use motorized components to implement safety measures quickly and precisely, such as shutting down equipment or activating protective barriers in response to identified hazards or emergencies. 

Gas Detection

A gas detection system is a safety apparatus that can be equipped with motors to facilitate the automated monitoring and sensing of gas concentrations in a given environment. These systems employ motorized components to initiate responses such as alarms, ventilation adjustments, or shutdowns in the presence of hazardous gas levels, contributing to the safety and well-being of individuals in industrial or commercial settings.

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Energy Efficiency: Efficient energy use is essential, especially in systems that may need to operate continuously or are semi-portable. With their high performance-density, Mirmex Motors have been designed for optimal energy efficiency to reduce power consumption and support prolonged operation.
  • Durability and Longevity: Mirmex Motors have a durable design to withstand the demands of continuous operation and potential exposure to corrosive or harsh substances, ensuring the long-term reliability of the gas detection system.


Mirmex Motor | Gas Detection

Locking Systems

Locking systems utilize motors which are crucial for secure functionality. These mechanisms are designed to restrict access, incorporate locks, keys, or electronics. Motors play a vital role in executing locking actions, ensuring reliable and effective security measures to control access and safeguard valuables or restricted areas.  

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Low Power Consumption: Many locking systems, especially those with electronic components, benefit from Mirmex motors’ low power consumption to optimize energy efficiency and minimize the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Precise Control: Mirmex Motors offer precise control for accurate and responsive locking and unlocking actions, ensuring the security system operates with the necessary level of accuracy.
  • Weather Resistance: Mirmex Motors, for outdoor locking systems, are designed to withstand varying weather conditions, including exposure to rain, snow, or extreme temperatures.


Mirmex Motor | Locking Systems

Other INDUSTRY applications

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