Micromotors for Pumps & Fluid Delivery Systems

Medical fluid delivery systems are essential devices for the precise administration of drugs or fluids to patients. The motorization of these systems is crucial, as it ensures precise control of the flow rate and doses administered, guaranteeing accurate treatment. It also enables doses to be tailored to individual needs, improving the efficiency of care. What's more, motorization enables continuous monitoring and real-time adjustments, guaranteeing patient safety and reducing medical errors. In short, motorization of medical fluid pumps and delivery systems plays an essential role in the precise, safe, and efficient administration of treatments, improving the quality of healthcare.

Air Pumps

Air pumps designed for medical purposes play a vital role in generating and controlling airflow. These devices find application in areas like pressure ulcer prevention and respiratory support. The motors within these air pumps are essential for precise airflow control, contributing significantly to their effectiveness in addressing specific medical needs.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • Efficiency: Energy efficiency is crucial in medical devices to minimize power consumption and, more importantly, prevent heat generation. With an unmatched performance-density in the industry, Mirmex motors are more efficient and contribute to the overall effectiveness and safety of the device.
  • Perfect Torque: Air pumps often require a precise level of torque to efficiently compress and move air, especially in devices like pneumatic compression systems. High torque Mirmex motors can handle the required mechanical load. If a lower torque is required, the motor can be optimized for low-torque operation.
  • Precision and Control: Embedding a more repeatable winding pattern than traditional wire-based solutions, Mirmex micromotors enable a better filtering of any parasitic control signals, thus providing precise control over airflow to allow for accurate pressure regulation in medical devices. This will ensure the desired therapeutic effect without causing discomfort or harm to the patient


Mirmex Motor | Air Pumps

Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps are devices designed to administer a continuous supply of insulin to individuals with diabetes. These pumps deliver a steady flow of insulin throughout the day, mimicking the natural insulin release of a healthy pancreas. Patients can also manually administer additional doses, known as bolus doses, to manage blood glucose levels in response to meals or changes in activity.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • Precision and Accuracy: Insulin delivery requires precise and accurate control of the motor to administer the correct dosage. Embedding a more repeatable winding pattern than traditional wire-based solutions, Mirmex micromotors enable a better filtering of any parasitic signal, thus providing consistent and reliable movement for accurate insulin delivery.
  • Compact Size, compatible with intra-body design: Given the typically small size of insulin pumps, Mirmex motors are compact and lightweight enough to fit within the device's limited space while maintaining portability and user comfort. Dimensions lower than 5mm diameter are not uncommon.
  • Control Systems: Mirmex motors are equipped with precise control systems to allow for various infusion rates and bolus dosages, accommodating the diverse needs of individuals managing their diabetes.


Mirmex Motor | Insulin Pumps

Other MEDICAL applications

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