Micromotors for Rehabilitation & Prosthetics

Rehabilitation systems in the medical field are devices that help patients regain mobility and functionality after injury or illness, while prostheses are artificial devices designed to replace or enhance a body part. The motorization of these systems is crucial, as it enables precise control of movements, giving patients more natural mobility and a better quality of life. It also ensures adaptability to the specific needs of each patient, guaranteeing personalized rehabilitation and comfortable use of prostheses. Motorization also enables real-time adjustments, improving treatment efficiency and patient well-being.

Active Prostheses

An active prosthetic is a technologically advanced limb replacement that incorporates electronic components, sensors, and motors to mimic natural movement and provide the user with greater control, enhanced comfort, and functionality. Unlike passive prosthetics, active prosthetics actively respond to the user's muscle signals or other input, allowing for more dynamic and adaptive movements.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • High Torque and Power-Density: Prosthetic motors should provide sufficient torque and power density to support a wide range of movements at a cost of the lowest achievable weight. This helps in replicating natural joint movements and ensuring the prosthetic limb's versatility. Mirmex motors' high-torque density perfectly fit this requirement.
  • Customizable motor architecture: Mirmex motors is the market leader for customizable motors that embed a tailor-made winding. Selected among millions of possible combinations, the Mirmex winding will provide the best solution to let your R&D team engineer the speed, torque, and size that make your device unbeatable in your end market.
  • Compact Size and Lightweight: Mirmex motors are compact and lightweight to minimize the overall weight of the prosthetic limb, making it more comfortable for the user and facilitating natural movement.


Mirmex Motor | Active Prothese


Exoskeletons, wearable robotic devices that enhance physical abilities, depend on motors for crucial functionality. Worn over the body, they provide external support and improved mobility, aiming to augment human performance and assist those with mobility impairments. Micromotors are essential in this field, powering the external support and enabling exoskeletons to enhance users' physical capabilities.  

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • High Power-to-Weight Ratio: Mirmex DC motors have a high power-to-weight ratio to provide sufficient strength while keeping the overall weight of the exoskeleton manageable.
  • Top-notch Efficiency: The high efficiency of Mirmex DC motors helps in conserving energy, extending battery life, and minimizing heat generation during prolonged use.
  • Durability and Reliability: Given the demanding conditions of frequent use, Mirmex SBLDC motors are durable and reliable to ensure the exoskeleton's functionality over an extended period.


Mirmex Motor | Exoskeletons

Other MEDICAL applications

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