Micromotors for Defense applications

The defense sector imposes very specific requirements on all its technical equipment. As far as electric motors are concerned, they must be robust and resistant to operate reliably under extreme environmental conditions, such as variable temperatures and intense vibrations. 

In addition, they need to be compact and lightweight to integrate easily into military equipment, while minimizing the overall weight of these systems. Confidentiality and security are also paramount, requiring electric motors designed with electromagnetic interference protection measures to prevent unauthorized manipulation. In short, electric motors for the defense sector need to be robust, compact, lightweight and secure to guarantee their effectiveness in critical military applications.

Missile Fin Actuators

Missile actuators are components responsible for controlling the movement and orientation of missile components, such as fins or nozzles, to ensure accurate flight and targeting.  The motors used in missile actuators need to provide rapid and precise adjustments, and be highly reliable while also offering adaptability unlike other components (fuel material, batteries, etc.) that are known to lack this functionality.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • Compact Size and Weight:  Mirmex motors are designed to be both compact and lightweight, ensuring optimal power delivery without sacrificing efficiency in the confined spaces of missile systems with stringent weight limitations.
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Mirmex Motors produce minimal electromagnetic interference to avoid disrupting electronic systems and communication equipment within the missile.
  • High Power Density: To meet the demands of rapid acceleration and precise maneuverability, Mirmex motors exhibit high power density to deliver sufficient thrust within the limited space available.


Mirmex Motor | Missile Actuators

Military Drone Actuators

Military drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), utilize micromotors for precise, controlled movements, ensuring agility and stealth. These compact micromotors contribute to the drones' efficiency, enabling real-time intelligence, reducing risks to human personnel, and enhancing military capabilities in diverse scenarios.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • Compact Size and Lightweight: Given the limited space and weight constraints of drones, Mirmex micromotors are compact and lightweight, allowing for integration without compromising the overall weight and balance of the drone.
  • High Efficiency: Efficiency is crucial for drones to maximize flight time and overall performance. Mirmex micromotors convert electrical power into mechanical motion with minimal energy loss. Your drone will fly for a longer time with a Mirmex solution.
  • Durability and Reliability: Military drones operate in diverse and sometimes harsh environments. Mirmex micromotors are durable and reliable, capable of withstanding vibrations, and higher temperature variations compared to the traditional wire-based BLDC and brushed motors.


Mirmex Motor | Military Drones Actuators

Surveillance Camera Systems

A military surveillance camera is a specialized camera system employed by the military for monitoring and recording activities in strategic locations, providing enhanced situational awareness and security. 
Military surveillance cameras often require motors with specific characteristics to enable precise control and positioning of the camera for clear AI image recognition.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • Robust Construction: Mirmex micromotors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to dust or water, the typical environement to which surveillance camera can be exposed. This ensures the reliable operation of the camera in various situations.  
  • Energy Efficiency: Military surveillance cameras are often deployed in remote or covert locations, making energy efficiency a critical consideration. Mirmex motors are designed to minimize power consumption while maintaining optimal performance. 


Mirmex Motor | Surveillance Camera Systems

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