Micromotors for Manufacturing Industry applications

Industrial sectors are as vast as they are varied. But they all have one thing in common: the need for electric motors. Electric micromotors for industrial applications must be robust and able to withstand variable loads in demanding industrial environments.

They must offer high precision and reliable control to ensure consistent performance in a variety of industrial tasks. Durability is also crucial, enabling the motor to withstand daily wear and tear and operate reliably over the long term, thus reducing maintenance costs. 

Part Positioning & Picking

Part positioning and moving in the manufacturing industry refer to the precise placement and systematic handling of goods throughout the production process. This involves the use of picking machines, actuated positioners, conveyors, and automated systems to transport items between different stages of manufacturing and ensure precise positioning for assembly or processing. Key features of motors used for those systems are their reliability, efficiency, and precision, contributing to the overall efficiency of the manufacturing workflow.

Benefits of using Mirmex Motors

  • Adaptability to Variable Loads:   Because of the superior adaptability of our printed windings, Mirmex Motors handle variations in load sizes and weights, adapting their performance to different product specifications without sacrificing precision or speed.
  • Temperature Resistance:  Manufacturing environments may expose motors to elevated temperatures, Mirmex motors are able to operate effectively and maintain performance under these conditions (>180°C).
  • Compact Design:  Motors integrated into manufacturing equipment often operate in confined spaces, and Mirmex motors’ compact design is essential for efficient integration without sacrificing performance.
  • Better Takt time:   better torque brings higher dynamics, which will improve takt time. This is a very differentiating feature for those with expensive 24/7 manufacturing operations such as in the semiconductor or medical device market.
  • Reliability and Durability: Given the continuous and often high-speed operation in manufacturing environments, Mirmex motors eliminate the need for brushes and slots, resulting in superior reliability compared to traditional solutions. This design also enables them to better withstand frequent use and potential stress from rapid movements.


Mirmex Motor | Products Moving and Positioning

Dosing & Dispensing Systems

Dosing and dispensing systems are automated systems designed to accurately measure and distribute specific quantities of liquids, powders, or other materials during the production process. Motors used in such systems play a crucial role in ensuring precision and consistency in the formulation and assembly of various products, ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage items .

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Precision and Accuracy: Mirmex Motors provide precise dosing control and dispensing mechanisms to ensure accurate and consistent measurement of materials, meeting stringent quality standards. This is achieved through a motor manufacturing process that is more repeatable than with wire-based solutions.
  • Compact system: with the highest performance-density micromotors, Mirmex can bring the ideal solution for applications that use a high number of concurrent dosing operations such as in a matrix dispensing cell.
  • Energy Efficiency: Efficient energy use is important for sustainability and cost-effectiveness, making Mirmex motors with high energy efficiency desirable for dosing and dispensing systems.
  • Repeatable Performance: Mirmex Motors deliver consistent and repeatable performance to maintain the reliability and accuracy of dosing and dispensing operations over time.


Mirmex Motor | Dosing and Dispensing Systems

Other INDUSTRY applications

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