Micromotors for Active Implants application

An active implant is an actuated or mechanical medical device implanted in the human body to monitor, support or replace a biological function. Its motorization is crucial, enabling precise control and adjustment of the implant's functions in response to the patient's physiological needs.

This active implant motorization ensures dynamic adaptability, enabling the implant to react in real time to changes in the body, guaranteeing optimal operation. It also makes it possible to tailor treatment to individual needs, enhancing both therapeutic efficacy and patient comfort. In short, motorization of active implants plays a fundamental role in optimizing medical outcomes, offering an advanced technological solution to improve patients' quality of life.​

Motors for Ventricular Assist Devices

A Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) is a mechanical pump that supports the heart function in individuals with heart failure, serving as a bridge to transplantation or long-term therapy. The motors in VADs, and cardiac devices in general, are crucial for powering the body pump, ensuring precise and reliable blood circulation to provide life-saving assistance to patients awaiting a heart transplant or as a long-term cardiac therapy solution.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors
  • More Compact Design: Due to the very limited space within the human body, VAD motors need to be super compact yet powerful, allowing for seamless integration without causing discomfort or hindering mobility. Unmatched in performance density worldwide, Mirmex custom-made micro motors are capable of being made up to remarkably small diameters.
  • Low Heat Generation: with a tailor-made balance of the losses involved, (thermal vs. Eddy or friction) Mirmex motors generate minimal heat during operation to prevent overheating and potential tissue damage. The motor will be uniquely optimized, out of millions of coil combinations, for your specific intra-body device.
  • Strong collaboration with your medical engineers: Mirmex will not force you to buy a fully assembled motor. Our technology can be made available in frameless versions or as spare parts. This allows customers to choose and integrate their preferred surrounding components (bearings, seals, etc.) while retaining the inner architecture of the device as their own secret recipe.
  • Design uniqueness: instead of off-the-shelf motors, the solution provided by Mirmex will be unique and only made for a particular client, sometimes with an exclusivity agreement and yet at an affordable price. If you plan to use a standard motor, don’t you think your competitor will just copy it?


Mirmex Motor | Ventricular Assist Device

Motors for Pump Systems

Transcatheter pumps, part of intra-body systems, pose challenges due to their small size, overheating concerns, and the demand for high reliability. The motors within these pumps are crucial, ensuring efficient operation in confined spaces, preventing overheating, and maintaining the necessary reliability for critical medical applications.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors
  • Compact Size:  Mirmex miniature motors exhibit a more compact design, balancing size and power to fit within the constrained space of implantable pump systems, ensuring seamless integration without compromising functionality.
  • Precision and Control: Mirmex motors offer precise control and responsiveness to ensure accurate flow, meeting the specific medical requirements of the pump system. A perfectly repeatable winding pattern enables a better filtering of any parasitic control signals.
  • Low Heat Generation: Implantable devices should minimize heat generation to prevent potential damage to surrounding tissues and ensure patient safety. 


Mirmex Motor | Pump Systems

Other MEDICAL applications

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