We manufacture MICROMOTORS for various application fields

Micromotors for MEDICAL applications

MedTech, or medical technology, is reshaping healthcare by integrating advanced technology with medicine. 

Electric motors are central to this innovation, enhancing medical equipment's efficiency and precision. These motors are key in various applications, including medical robotics, respiratory aids, and sophisticated surgical tools. 

As essential elements of medical breakthroughs, they ensure reliable operation and powerful performance. 

This is vital for healthcare professionals, facilitating quicker diagnoses, more accurate procedures, and more effective treatments.

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Micromotors for AERO SPACE DEFENSE applications​

In the aeronautics, space, and defense sectors, micromotors face challenges due to their need for miniaturization, reduced weight, and high performance. 

They must be compact to fit into the limited spaces of aerospace equipment and vehicles. Weight is also critical; every gram affects performance significantly.

 Miniaturizing electric motors helps lower weight without sacrificing power and efficiency, a process facilitated by companies like Mirmex. Additionally, energy autonomy is essential, as these micromotors need to operate independently for long periods without frequent maintenance.

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Micromotors for INDUSTRY applications

In today's industry, small electrical motors are crucial, driving automation and enhancing productivity across various sectors. 

The primary challenges include the need for motors that are more energy-efficient and sustainable, pushing the industry towards greener solutions. 

Additionally, there is a demand for miniature motors that can integrate smoothly with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced mechatronics, presenting ongoing developmental challenges. 

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Micromotors for ROBOTICS applications​

The robotics industry marks a thrilling era of technology where human creativity meets artificial intelligence and advanced mechanics, underscored by the critical role of electric motors. 

Robots have moved beyond simple automation to become versatile and precise collaborators in diverse sectors. They range from industrial robots transforming manufacturing processes to service robots improving everyday life. 

This industry is constantly advancing, driven by continual innovation and the efficient performance of electric motors.
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Micromotors for ENERGY applications

In The energy sector, which powers our homes, businesses, and industries, is evolving significantly, with electric motors enhancing efficiency and sustainability. 

This sector is balancing rising energy demands with environmental concerns by integrating both traditional and renewable sources, utilizing electric motors for greener solutions. 

Technological innovation and scientific advancements, supported by the adaptable functionality of electric motors, are driving the development of innovative, eco-friendly energy solutions. 

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