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Micromotors for ROBOTICS ​applications

The robotics industry heralds an exciting technological era where human ingenuity converges with artificial intelligence, sophisticated mechanics, and the pivotal role of electric motors. In this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, robots have transcended mere automation, becoming versatile and precise partners that collaborate seamlessly with humans across various sectors.

From industrial robots revolutionizing manufacturing to service robots enhancing daily lives, the industry is continually pushing boundaries, fueled by innovation and the efficient performance of electric motors.

Industrial Robots

Robots are programmable machines designed to perform tasks autonomously or semi-autonomously, often using sensors and actuators to interact with their environment. They are utilized in various industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to exploration and entertainment, to automate processes and execute specific functions. Robots can use radial or axial-flux micromotors like those designed and manufactured by Mirmex.

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Mirmex Motor | Indsutrial Robots


Cobots, or collaborative robots, are  robotic systems designed to work alongside humans in shared workspaces, enabling close cooperation and interaction between human operators and robots. These robots are specifically engineered to enhance productivity, safety, and flexibility in collaborative manufacturing and other industries.

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