Micromotors for AERO SPACE DEFENSE applications

In the aeronautics, space and defense sectors, micromotors present specific technical challenges linked to miniaturization, weight and volume, and high performance. One of the main challenges is to design micromotors that are compact enough to fit into the tight spaces of aerospace equipment and vehicles.

In addition to compactness, weight is also a crucial technical challenge. In these sectors, every gram counts because of the direct impact on vehicle and equipment performance. Miniaturization of electric motors is often necessary to reduce their weight, and with Mirmex this can be done without compromising their power and efficiency.

In addition, energy autonomy is crucial, as equipment must operate autonomously for extended periods without requiring frequent maintenance

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The aeronautic field involves the study, design, and manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft, and associated systems, encompassing both aeronautics and astronautics. Professionals who use aerospace actuators in this field work on developing, improving, and maintaining various flying vehicles, from airplanes and helicopters to spacecraft, pushing the boundaries of human exploration and technological advancements in aviation and space travel.  

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Mirmex Motor | Aero applications


The space field encompasses the study, exploration, and utilization of outer space, including celestial bodies, satellites, and space technology. Professionals who use Space micromotors in this field engage in activities such as space exploration, satellite deployment, and the development of spacecraft and technologies to advance our understanding of the cosmos and facilitate space-based applications.

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Mirmex Motor | Space applications


The defense field involves the development, deployment, and management of military capabilities, strategies, and technologies to ensure national security and safeguard against external threats. Professionals who have an interest in Defense actuators in this field work on a broad spectrum of activities, including weapons systems development, counter-threat equipment and strategic planning, to protect a nation's interests and maintain its sovereignty. 

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Mirmex Motor | Defense applications

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