Micromotors for MEDICAL applications

MedTech, or medical technology, embodies the essence of innovation in the healthcare sector. At the intersection of medicine and technology, it is redefining healthcare standards by introducing advanced technology devices, applications and systems. At the heart of this revolution are crucial components, such as electric motors, that power the efficiency and precision of medical equipment.

The needs for electric motors in the MedTech field are vast and varied. From revolutionary medical robotics to respiratory assistance and cutting-edge motorized surgical tools, these technical actuator components are the invisible artisans behind major medical advances. Their ability to operate reliably and deliver optimal power is crucial for healthcare professionals, paving the way for faster diagnoses, more precise interventions, and more effective treatments.

In this context, the importance of electric motors is undeniable. They are the silent pillars of medical innovation.

Motors for Active Implants

An active implant refers to a device that is surgically placed within the body and has the capability to interact with physiological processes or provide therapeutic interventions. These implants often incorporate intra-body motors and are designed to actively monitor, regulate, or stimulate bodily functions, contributing to the management or treatment of various medical conditions. 

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Mirmex Motor | Active Implant

Motors for Surgical Systems

Surgical systems are a comprehensive and integrated set of tools, instruments, and technologies designed to assist surgeons in performing various medical procedures. These systems often include robotic components, advanced imaging, and precision instruments, aiming to enhance surgical capabilities, improve precision, and minimize invasiveness during medical interventions. Surgical robots are among the applications using a very high number of medical-grade micromotors.


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Mirmex Motor | Surgical Systems

Motors for Pumps and Fluid Delivery Systems

Pumps and fluid delivery devices are specialized instruments designed for precise administration of air, fluids, medications, or nutrients within a patient's body. These devices play a critical role in healthcare, ensuring accurate dosing and controlled delivery to support various medical treatments, including intravenous therapy, chemotherapy, and infusion of therapeutic agents.

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Mirmex Motor | Pump and Fluid Delivery Systems

Motors for Rehabilitation & Prosthetics

Rehabilitation and prosthetics
 involve  the multidisciplinary approach of restoring function and mobility to individuals with physical disabilities or limb loss. This field encompasses therapies, assistive devices, and the design and fitting of prosthetic limbs to enhance the quality of life and promote independence for patients undergoing rehabilitation.

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Mirmex Motor | Rehabilitation and Prothetics

Motors for Laboratory Equipment & Automation

Laboratory equipment and automation
in  the medical field refer to the tools, devices, and systems used for scientific research, diagnostic testing, and medical analysis within a laboratory setting. This encompasses a wide range of technologies, including robotic systems, analyzers, and automated processes, aimed at increasing efficiency, accuracy, and throughput in various laboratory procedures.

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Mirmex Motor | Laboratory Equipment and Automation

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