Micromotors for Aerospace applications 

Aeronautic equipment faces major technical challenges when it comes to electric micromotors. Firstly, miniaturizing micromotors while maintaining their power is a crucial challenge for reducing the weight and footprint of aerospace equipment. In addition, resistance to vibration and shock is essential to ensure the durability of micromotors in environments subject to high forces, such as take-off and landing phases. 

Efficient heat dissipation is another challenge, as the extreme temperatures encountered in flight can affect micromotor performance. Last but not least, the reliability and safety of electric micromotors are paramount to ensure the smooth operation of aerospace equipment and flight safety.

Cabin Device Actuators

Micromotors are essential in aircraft cabin devices, providing precise and controlled movements in compact spaces. Key applications include Seating System Actuators, Ventilation Systems, Tray Table Mechanisms, Window Shade Controls, In-flight Entertainment Systems, Galley Equipment, and Lavatory Systems. These micromotors are known for their accuracy, compact size, and efficiency in space-constrained environments.

Benefits of using Mirmex micromotors

  • Compact Size:  Mirmex micromotors are selected for their small and lightweight design, making them suitable for integration into confined spaces within the aircraft cabin without adding significant weight. Compared to existing wire-based micromotors, Mirmex provides smaller form factors for the same output torque.
  • Precision Control:  Mirmex micromotors offer precise and controlled movements, allowing for smooth adjustments in actuator positions. This is essential for providing passengers with a comfortable and customizable experience.
  • Efficiency: Mirmex motors are energy efficient to minimize power consumption and contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the aircraft.


Mirmex Motor | Cabin Devices Actuators

Cockpit Control Systems

Cockpit flight controls serve as the primary interface for pilots to command and manage an aircraft's movement and systems. Comprising the yoke or control stick, pedals, switches, and levers, these controls empower pilots to navigate, control engine power, and operate crucial functions throughout a flight. Key features include their comprehensive functionality, encompassing diverse aspects of aircraft operation, and their role in ensuring precise command execution and overall flight safety.

Benefits of using Mirmex Motors

  • High Power-to-Weight Ratios: Mirmex Motors used in flight-control systems generate sufficient power to manipulate the aircraft's control surfaces effectively while maintaining a lightweight design. Their high power-to-weight ratios ensure optimal performance without adding unnecessary weight, which is critical for fuel efficiency and overall aircraft handling.
  • Precision Control : Mirmex motors provide precise and proportional control over various surfaces such as ailerons, elevators, and rudders. By perfectly aligning each copper fiber compared to traditional wire-based windings, higher precision can be achieved, enabling better stability, altitude control, and more precise execution of maneuvers. 
  • Durability and Reliability: Aircraft operate in diverse and often challenging environments. Mirmex Motors are durable enough to withstand the vibrations, temperature variations, and mechanical stresses associated with flight. Reliability means safety in this field.


Mirmex Motor | Cockpit Control Systems

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