CUSTOM-MADE & AFFORDABLE: Design your own electric micro motor: 8 to 10x LESS EXPENSIVE compared to competition

We are proud to offer zero-cogging, custom-made micromotor solutions, designed to fit any application without compromising on quality or performance

From motor engineers developing medical devices to innovators in robotics, obtaining custom-made slotless and brushless micromotors from Mirmex is far simpler than you might imagine.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and turn your ideas into reality by leveraging a higher degree of design freedom that our technology unlocks.

Thanks to our optimized processes and unique technology, we challenge stereotype that tailor-made motors are prohibitively expensive.

Why choose Mirmex for Your Custom Micromotors?

Tailored Precision | Mirmex Motor


Each micromotor is designed to match your application. With customization even at the motor coil level, which is something truly unique on the market.

Affordable Customization | Mirmex Motor

Affordable Customization

We believe in providing
high-quality, custom-made solutions at the right price.

Mirmex Motor | Expert Engineering


As a former university spinoff and with decades of experience, our team delivers innovation solutions to help you make a difference in YOUR end-market.

High Performance Density |Mirmex Motor

High Performance Density

 Whatever the application, the Mirmex windings provide a superior copper fill-factor, enhancing motor performance within a specified volume unit.

Our Motor Design Service Flow

Mirmex Motor | 1st Step

Mirmex Motor | Scope & Modelling

Scope & Motor Modeling

Understanding Your Needs: The foundation of every project, where we dive deep into your requirements and the possibilities offered by our patented technology.

Simulation & Iteration: Using in-house motor modeling software for state-of-the-art motor optimization, followed by discussions and iterations to perfection.

Gate 1: Mutual validation of the prototype concept, ensuring we are aligned with the mission objectives.

Mirmex Motor | 2nd Step

Mirmex Motor | Prototyping

 Prototype Design & Manufacturing

Designing Your Solution: Transitioning from concept to a tangible prototype design ready for real-world applications.

Gate 2: Validation of the prototype design, setting the stage for manufacturing.

Timely Execution: From 6 to 12 weeks of meticulous crafting, depending on the complexity of your custom solution.

Mirmex Motor | 3rd Step

Mirmex Motor | Testing & Fine Tuning

Motor Testing & Fine Tuning

Rigorous Testing: Electrical and mechanical validation to ensure model consistency.

In Your Lab: You test the prototypes in their intended environment, providing valuable feedback for refinement.

    Gate 3: Final concept approval, marking a milestone in our collaborative journey.

    Mirmex Motor | 4th Step

    Mirmex Motor | Mass Production

    Mass Production of the Motors

    Final Adjustments: Implementing your feedback to finalize the design for manufacturing.

    Gate 4: Final design validation, paving the way for production.

    Production Planning: We define the production plan together, ensuring a seamless transition to mass production at Mirmex, at your facility or your contract manufacturer.


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