Mirmex technology redefines the micromotor landscape by replacing conventional wire-based windings with printed copper topologies.

Embark on a new era of motor compactness, unmatched performance density, and perfect adaptability of the coil to your application – and not the other way  around.

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Radial Flux BLDC Micromotors

Backed by years of university research, the Mirmex brushless slotless DC micromotors offer superior performance and unparalleled adaptability, regardless of their shape or length.

With zero-cogging and unique printed winding topologies, your motorized system can be easily upgraded to a level of performance beyond elite Swiss applications.

Simplify or get rid of your gearbox.

Radial Flux BLDC Micromotors

Mirmex Motor | Radial Flux BLDC Micromotors

Axial Flux BLDC Micromotors

Mirmex's patented axial-flux stator winding topologies, coupled with our state-of-the-art motor modeling & optimization software, will unlock the full potential of electromagnetism for you.

This combination will let you bring innovative axial flux motors to the market. As one of the very few motor vendors capable of providing both radial and axial-flux motors, we can more objectively guide you towards the optimal architecture for your design needs.

Advanced topologies including multi-air gaps are also feasible, with zero cogging on every variant. 

Axial Flux BLDC Micromotors

Custom Made Motor Windings

Mirmex brings an unprecedented degree of design freedom to DC motor engineers who are looking for high-end motor windings they could assemble by themselves inside their motors, liberating them from the constraints imposed by the traditional shape and constant diameter of catalogue standards.  

Motors are no longer limited by the shape or constant diameter of winding wires. Instead of building windings, wire by wire, we print patterns using a flexible material.  

Experience the freedom to customize your design in an affordable way, by purchasing only the winding or stator - not the entire motor -- putting control in your hands like never before.

Elevate your creations with compactness and efficiency – it's not just a motor, it's your motor, perfected to match a level that used to be reserved for elite Swiss applications. 

Motor Windings

Mirmex Motor | Custom-Made Motor Windings


Experience the next evolution in energy solutions with our generator coils, equipped with advanced winding technology that provides exceptional efficiency.

Tailor your power needs effortlessly with the choice of axial or radial flux, ensuring a customized and efficient energy solution that aligns perfectly with your preferences and space requirements.

Embrace the benefits of sustainable power, reduced costs, and unprecedented versatility in energy generation for any wind profile.


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