Micromotors for Wind Turbine applications

An electric generator for a small wind turbine must be efficient at variable wind speeds, ensuring stable energy production even at low speeds. It must be light and compact to fit the reduced dimensions of domestic wind turbines, allowing easy, space-saving installation.

Robustness is essential to withstand changing weather conditions, ensuring long life and operational reliability. In addition, the electric generator must be designed to minimize energy losses, optimizing the overall efficiency of the wind turbine system – for any wind profile -- and guaranteeing maximum energy production. 

Vertical Wind Turbines

Vertical wind turbines, or vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs), differ from traditional designs with a vertically-oriented rotor shaft and blades arranged like an eggbeater or helix. Equipped with electric generators, these turbines efficiently convert the captured kinetic energy into electrical energy, allowing them to harness wind from any direction without the need for the entire turbine to swivel. These generators play a crucial role in the functionality of vertical wind turbines, contributing to their adaptability and effectiveness in various environmental conditions. 

Benefits of using Mirmex generators

  • Efficient Power Generation:  Mirmex Generators can convert the rotational motion of the vertical axis into electrical power in a more efficient manner than traditional wire-based solutions. An ideal compromise between efficiency and cost can be achieved compared to those that only offer monolithic wire-based solutions.
  • Variable Speed Operation: Vertical wind turbines often experience variable wind speeds and directions (the wind profile) whether they are installed on a coast or a building rooftop. With a higher degree of customization than traditional wire-based generators, Mirmex generators can be customized through multiple variants and operate efficiently across a range of speeds to maximize power output under different wind conditions.
  • Environmental Considerations: Sustainability is an inherent feature of Mirmex. With the highest performance-density solution on the market, we use fewer raw materials for an identical output torque. This aligns with environmental standards and decreases the ecological footprint of the generator.


Mirmex Motor | Vertical Wind Turbines

Other ENERGY applications

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