Custom-made Axial Flux​ BLDC Micromotors

Mirmex's pioneering technology transforms conventional electric motors by eliminating the need for copper wire windings. This progress sets the stage for innovative axial flux electric motors, announcing a new era, yet at an affordable price.

Mirmex's patented axial-flux stator winding topologies, coupled with our state-of-the-art motor modeling & optimization software, will get the very best out of electromagnetism. 

This combination will let you bring innovative axial flux motors to the market. As we are one of the very few motor vendors capable of providing radial and axial-flux motors without copper wires, we can more objectively guide you towards the optimal architecture for your design needs.

Advanced topologies including multi-airgaps are also feasible with zero cogging on every variant.

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Mirmex Motor | Axial Flux BLDC Micromotor

12 - 300

Diameter [mm]

4 - 60

Thickness [mm]


Power (up to) [W]


Torque (up to) [Nm]

50 000

Speed (up to) [rpm]


Mirmex Motor | More compact

More Compact

 Compared to the competition and at equal performance, the Mirmex micromotors are up to 50% smaller.

Mirmex Motor | Best Performance Density

Best Performance Density

Whatever the application, the Mirmex windings provide a superior copper fill-factor, enhancing motor performance within a specified volume unit.

Mirmex Motor | Custom-made

Custom Made

 Diameter, length, speed, voltage… 
You have total design freedom.
No more compromise ​​because of limitations dictated by Swiss catalogues, no matter how thick.

Mirmex Motor | Easy Prototyping

Easy Prototyping

Getting custom-made Mirmex micromotors is painless, quick and much more affordable.

10x faster prototype manufacturing

Mirmex Motor | More Sustainable

More Sustainable

The Mirmex technology optimizes micro-motors and make them use less energy.

Up to less than 45% raw materials are also required.

Mirmex Motor | Better Thermal Control

Better Thermal Behavior

A higher fill-factor and the ability to balance all possible sources of losses (thermal, Eddy…) enable to divide thermal losses by a significant factor.

Mirmex Motor | Ambient Resistant

Ambient Resistant

Mirmex axial-flux motors are designed to endure tough conditions like high temperature variations, medical detergents, corrosive atmosphere, dusty environment, ...

Mirmex Motor | Unique Coil Topologies

Unique Coil Topologies

Mirmex winding topologies are unachievable with conventional wire-winding methods.

They provide unmatched levels of performance and efficiency.

Mirmex Motor | Axial or Radial Motors

Axial or Radial

Mirmex is capable of providing both radial and axial-flux motors, both in single and multi-airgaps. We will tell you which version is the best fit for your application.

Axial Flux BLDC Micro motors Application Examples

Space Flywheel

Diameter:  140 mm
Length:  18 mm
Speed: 1000 rpm
Power:  30 W
Torque: 300 mNm
Efficiency: 90%

Key Features
  • Super Light Design -  Capable of reducing weight while delivering the requested performance.
  • Optimized inertia and torque - Efficiency of the equipment.

Motors for SPACE applications

Mirmex Motor | Space Flywheel

Active Prosthetic Arms & Legs

Dia:  40 mm
Length: 10 mm
Speed: 12.000 rpm
Power:  36 W
Torque: 30 mNm
Efficiency: 94%

Key Features
  • Specific winding topology - Fine tune adjustment of the performance and efficiency.
  • Extremely compact design - Easier to integrate in the system.
  • Custom made - get an axial flux motor that perfectly fits in your application and at an affordable cost.

Motors for MEDICAL devices

Mirmex Motor | Arm Prosthetics

Our Project Management Flow...

Mirmex Motor | Scope & Modelling

Scope & Modeling

Mirmex Motor | Prototyping


Mirmex Motor | Testing & Fine Tuning

Testing & Fine Tuning

Mirmex Motor | Mass Production

Mass Production

 Customize your own affordable micromotor

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