Micromotors for Industrial Robot applications

Embarking on the intersection of technology and automation, robots stand as versatile and programmable entities crafted to autonomously or semi-autonomously execute tasks. Employing an intricate network of axial or radial micromotors, sensors and actuators, these mechanical marvels navigate and interact with their surroundings. Across diverse industries, ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to exploration and entertainment, robots play a pivotal role in revolutionizing operational landscapes .​

End-Effector Actuators

End-Effectors play a crucial role in automation, utilizing motors to grasp and manipulate objects. These devices, powered by electricity, are vital for automated handling in industrial and robotic applications, with the motors ensuring precise and controlled actions for efficient manipulation.

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Compact Design: Mirmex Motors have a more compact design compared to their wire-based peers. This will facilitate integration into the limited space available within gripper mechanisms, ensuring minimal impact on the overall size and weight of the automation system.
  • Durability and Longevity: Because all the copper fibers in the windings are positioned exactly the same way, Mirmex Motors are more robust and durable to withstand the repetitive and demanding nature of industrial applications, ensuring a long operational lifespan.
  • High Precision: Mirmex Motors provide precise control for the opening and closing mechanisms of the gripper, allowing for accurate and controlled manipulation of objects. A precision of up to 24 bits is achievable which is equivalent to cutting a pie into 16 million exactly equal pieces.


Mirmex Motor | End-Effector Actuators

Industrial Robot Motorization

Programmable machines known as industrial robots are specifically designed to automate and carry out tasks in industrial settings, performing activities such as assembly, welding, painting, or packaging. These robots are equipped with sensors and mechanical arms, often used to increase efficiency, precision, and safety in manufacturing processes.

Benefits of using Mirmex Motors

  • High Torque: Industrial robots often handle heavy payloads and encounter resistance in their movements. Mirmex Motors deliver more torque to handle these loads and maintain precise control.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Mirmex Motors have a more compact form factor than their peers and are lightweight to facilitate integration into the limited space available within the robot structure without adding excessive weight.
  •  Durability and Longevity: Because all the copper fibers in the windings are positioned exactly the same way, Mirmex motors are more resilient and durable, capable of enduring the rigorous and frequently challenging conditions of industrial robot operations in manufacturing settings. This ensures a reduction in downtime and maintenance needs, contributing to the overall efficiency of the robotic system.


Mirmex Motor | Industrial Robots Motorization

Inspection Robots

Inspection robots, designed for evaluating environments, rely on micromotors for mobility in industries like manufacturing and infrastructure. Whether autonomous or remotely operated, these motors enable precise movement, ensuring thorough inspections, data collection, and accurate assessment of asset conditions. The importance of motors lies in enhancing the efficiency of inspection robots, contributing to the maintenance of critical assets across diverse industries.

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Compact Design: Mirmex Motors have a more compact and lightweight design to facilitate integration into the limited space available within the inspection robot, ensuring agility and maneuverability in confined spaces.
  • Energy Efficiency: Mirmex Motors are designed for optimal energy efficiency to extend the operational life of the inspection robot and minimize the need for frequent battery replacements, especially in applications where power consumption or battery-life are a critical factor.
  • Durability and Resilience: Mirmex motors possess strong resilience and durability, and are able to endure the rigors of diverse environments that may involve exposure to dust, moisture, or fluctuating temperatures. This ensures their sustained and dependable operation over prolonged periods.


Mirmex Motor | Inspection Robots

Remote-Controlled Manipulators

A remote-controlled manipulator is a specialized robotic system designed for tasks in distant or hazardous environments. Used in scenarios like bomb disposal, space exploration, or underwater exploration, these manipulators consist of mechanical arms powered by micromotors and sensors. The micromotors within these manipulators are crucial, driving precise movements and enhancing their dexterity for accurate task execution in challenging environments.

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Durability and Resilience: Mirmex Motors are robust and capable of withstanding the rigors of remote and often harsh environments, ensuring reliable operation over an extended period.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Mirmex Motors provide precise and accurate control to enable the remote manipulator to perform delicate and precise tasks with high levels of accuracy.
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): being able to better filter out parasitic signals, the Mirmex motors generate minimal electromagnetic interference to prevent disruption of electronic components and communication systems in the remote-controlled manipulator.


Mirmex Motor | Remote Controlled Manipulators

Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are mobile robots designed for material handling and transportation tasks within industrial facilities. They use guidance systems such as lasers, magnets, or vision sensors to navigate autonomously, streamlining logistics and manufacturing processes.

Benefits of using Mirmex motors

  • Precision and Accuracy: Mirmex Motors provide precise control to facilitate accurate navigation and positioning, enabling AGVs to follow designated paths and perform precise material handling tasks.
  • High Torque: AGVs often handle varying loads and encounter resistance in their movements. Mirmex Motors provide increased torque, ensuring efficient and precisely controlled acceleration.
  • Compact Design: Mirmex Motors feature a compact form factor to seamlessly fit into the confined space of AGVs, thereby enhancing the overall agility and maneuverability of the robotic vehicles.
  • Versatility: Is a radial or axial-flux motor more adequate for your application? At Mirmex Motor, we are one of the few providers able to provide both types of motor architectures. We can more objectively determine the best solution for you.


Mirmex Motor | Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Other ROBOTICS applications

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