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Medtech powered tools.

Temperature, Performance, and weight.

Micromotors used in surgical equipments and dental devices need to be small and light. Such motors are unfortunately frequently undersized and they overheat quickly.

Furthermore, despite what motor suppliers claim they are often not optimized for the cycle and nominal point of a given instrument because the windings cost too much to be tailored for each instrument vendor.

Thanks to the smaller size but high power, Mirmex Micromotors can decrease the instrument cool down time in the surgical room while being both among the lightest and strongest motors on the market. The motor windings will be uniquely customized for your instrument. 

Industrial power tools.


It is a well known issue that current motors cannot reach the required torque in all possible configurations and they often need a gearbox. Mirmex micromotors can increase the torque without the assistance of a gearbox reducing weight and increasing efficiency. 

Industrial solutions.

Dynamics and Precision.

Productivity of an industrial robotic solution is highly dependent on the dynamics of movement. Mirmex mircomotors are more dynamic which means they enable faster movements and higher productivity.

The robots driven by a Mirmex Motor can also be made very precise because the flex windings better filter the harmonics from the driving sinus.


Battery life, Weight.

Battery lifetime is a huge problem in the bio-robotics field that requires compact motors. Mirmex micromotors reduce the weight of the motors and offer them in a particularly compact and efficient format.

Prosthetics devices driven by Mirmex motors therefore require less energy to perform the same action which is crucial for battery life. They can be used to develop smaller prosthesis such as those for kids or hands.

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